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Monoclonal Anti-Mouse CD36 (clone 63) ABM-5525 100 µg $295
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Research Applications
Flow Cytometry
Functional Studies
Murine insulin treated or untreated adipocytes fixed with acetone were incubated with murine anti-mouse CD36 antibody (1:100 dilution of supernatent), followed by FITC-conjugated IgA-specific secondary antibody. Confocal microscopy revealed prominent membrane staining (left panels). Phase contrast images are shown in the right panels.
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Flow Cytometry:
Elicited mouse peritoneal macrophages were incubated with murine anti-mouse CD36 antibody (1:100 dilution of supernatent) or an isotype control (IgA), followed by FITC -conjugated IgA specific secondary antibody, and then analyzed by flow cytometry. The shaded peak shows high level expression of CD36.
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Antibody Characteristics
Reactivity: rat, mouse; others likely

Immunogen: full-length adenovirus vector injected into CD36 null mice

Host/Ig Type: mouse monoclonal IgA

Purification: protein L chromatography

Quality control: Flow Cytometry using elicited mouse peritoneal macrophages incubated with CD36 antibody

Storage/Stability: -20˚ for1 year

Literature Citations

Chien-Ping Liang, Seongah Han, Haruka Okamoto, Ronald Carnemolla, Ira Tabas, Domenico Accili, and Alan R. Tall “Increased CD36 protein as a response to defective insulin signaling in macrophages” J Clin Invest. 2004 March 1; 113 (5): 764–773
full text

Lynn Corcoran,  David Vremec,  Maria Febbraio,  Tracey Baldwin and Emanuela Handman “Differential regulation of CD36 expression in antigen-presenting cells: Oct-2 dependence in B lymphocytes but not dendritic cells or macrophages” International Immunology, Vol. 14, No. 10, pp. 1099-1104, October 2002
full text

Kuniyasu A, Ohgami N, Hayashi S, Miyazaki A, Horiuchi S, Nakayama H.”CD36-mediated endocytic uptake of advanced glycation end products (AGE) in mouse 3T3-L1 and human subcutaneous adipocytes.” FEBS Lett. 2003 Feb 27;537(1-3):85-90.

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Functional Studies:
Antibody blocked uptake of oxidized LDL by murine macrophages and prevented foam cell formation in vitro. Antibody blocked oxidized LDLdependent activation of macrophage JNK kinase.
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