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Anti-Human ATM (exon 36-37), polyclonal, agarose conjugate ABA-6050 200 ul $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
InfoSheet PDF
use 15-25 ul/0.1-1.0 mg cell lysate
human, mouse

reacts specifically with Akt3 at ~48 kDa; immunoreactive protein from LoVo, HeLa, or 3T3 cell lysates is detected by immunoblot; band is abolished by the addition of the immunizing Akt3 peptide

synthetic peptide corresponding to a portion of human Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutates encoded in part by exons 36 and 37 (LocusLink ID 472)
Host/Ig Type:
goat polyclonal IgG
Concentration/ Purification:
100 ug antibody/200 ul agarose; affinity purified using the peptide immobilized on solid support; purified antibodies are subsequently coupled to agarose beads using a cyanogen bromide method
Quality Control:
IP on whole cell lysates of L-40, AT-59, AT29 mouse (WT) or AP24 mouse (AT; ATM -/-)
Liquid Carrier:
0.01 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.2. 0.1 M NaCl, 0.1% sodium azide
1 year
About ATM

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