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Anti-Human FANCA, polyclonal ABP-6201 100 ul $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
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10 microliters/sample to IP FANCA from cell lysates; subsequently visualize by immunoblot (1:500-1:1000 dilution); antibody will detect endogenous FANCA in westerns of HeLa cell nuclear extracts
recognizes human FANCA at 163 kDa
2 synthetic peptides corresponding to amino acids 992-1006 and 1436-1455 of human FANCA
Host/Ig Type:
rabbit IgG
whole antiserum
Quality Control:
by immunoblot on HeLa cell nuclear extracts
2 years
IP-Immunoblot: Cell lysates from wildtype (HSC93), FA-A (HSC72) and FA-F (EUFA698) lymphoblasts were Immunoprecipitated with monoclonal anti-FANCA (clone 5G9; aa 1436-1455; Cat. #ABM-6202). FANCA was subsequently visualized using polylconal antiFANCA (Cat. #ABP-6201) (de Winter et al., Hu. Mol. Gen.9:2665, 2000)
About FANC
Silver-stained SDS-PAGE Analysis of HeLa Nuclear Extract Immunoprecipitate: BRAFT complex components immunoprecipitated (IP) by polyclonal anti-FANCA (Cat. #ABP-6201) (lane 2). The Fanconi anemia core complex was obtained by IP with anti-FANCA under high stringency washing conditions (0.75 M salt), removing BLM, Topo III-alpha, BLAP75 and RPA70 as indicated. (lane 1) (Meetei et al., Nature Genetics 35:170, 2003)
Application References

Waisfisz, Q., de Winter, J. P., Kruyt, F. A. E., de Groot, J., van der Weel, L., Dijkmans, L. M., Zhi, Y., Arwert, F., Scheper, R. J., Youssoufian, H., Hoatlin, M. E. and Joenje, H. “A physical complex of the Fanconi anemia proteins FANCG/XRCC9 and FANCA” PNAS (USA) 96: 10320–10325, 1999.

Waisfisz, Q., Morgan, N. V., Savino, M., de Winter, J. P., van Berkel, C. G., Hoatlin, M. E., Ianzano, L., Gibson, R. A., Arwert, F., Savoia, A., Mathew, C. G., Pronk, J. C. and Joenje, H. “Spontaneous functional correction of homozygous fanconi anaemia alleles reveals novel mechanistic basis for reverse mosaicism.” Nat. Genet. 22:379-83, 1999.

Meetei, A. R., Sechi, S., Wallisch, M., Yang, D., Young, M. K., Joenje, H., Hoatlin, M. E. and Wang, W “A Multiprotein Nuclear Complex Connects Fanconi Anemia and Bloom Syndrome” MCB 23:3417-3426, 2003

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