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Description Catalog # Vial Size Price (USD)
Anti-Human FANCC, clone 8F3 ABM-6204 100 ug $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
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Western Blot:
1-5 micrograms/ml for cells over expressing FANCC
5-10 micrograms per 2 mg/ml sample to IP Flag-tagged FANCC
Immunofluorescence: recommended; see figure
recognizes wild type FANCC; 63 kDa; does not detect mutant form L554P
synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 546-558 of human FANCC
Host/Ig Type:
mouse monoclonal IgG2b
protein A chromatography
Quality Control:
by WB of FANCC on overexpressing cell lines
Liquid Carrier:
phosphate buffered saline
2 years
Immunoblotting: Hydroxyurea (HU) synchronized 293 FANCC E2 cells (G1/S boundary). Whole-cell lysates were prepared at the indicated times after release and probed using anti-FANCC, clone 8F3, (Cat. #ABM-6204).
About FANC
Immunofluorescence: 293 FANCE2 cells were stained with monoclonal anti-FANCC (Cat. #ABM6204) and a secondary Oregon green–labeled goat anti-mouse antibody.
Application References

Heinrich, M. C., Silvey, K. V., Stone, S., Zigler, A. J., Griffith, D. J., Montalto, M., Chai, L., Zhi, Y. and Hoatlin, M. E. “Post transcriptional cell cycle-dependent regulation of human FANCC expression”. Blood 95:3970-3977, 2000.

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Xie, X., de Winter, J. P., Waisfisz, Q., Nieuwint, A., Scheper, R., Arwert, F. M., Hoatlin, M. E., Ossenkoppele, A., Schuurhuis, G. and Joenje, H. “Aberrant Fanconi anemia protein profiles in acute myeloid leukemia cells.” Br. J. Hematology 111:1057-1064, 2000.

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