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Anti-Human FANCD2 (NT), polyclonal ABP-6207 100 ul $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
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Western Blot:
dilute 1:500-1:1000
recommended; see figure
Immunohistomchemistry: recommended; see figure
recognizes FANCD2 at 155-162 kDa
GST-fusion protein corresponding to amino acids 1-292 of human FANCD2
Host/Ig Type:
rabbit IgG
whole antiserum
Quality Control:
WB of endogenous FANCD2 in wild type lymphoblasts, HeLa cells
2 years
Immunoblotting: Cell lysates of wildtype lymphoblasts (HSC93) and fibroblasts (LN9SV) and FANCD2 mutated lymphoblasts (VU1289) and fibroblasts (PD20) probed with anti-FANCD2, polyclonal (ABM-6207) showing clear FANCD2 protein bands in the wild-type cells and none in the mutated cells (J.Pathol.201:198–203,2003)
Immunohistochemistry: IHC analysis of FANCD2 expression in FA cell lines with anti-FANCD2, polyclonal (ABM-6207). FANCD2-expressing cells exhibit dark brown nuclear staining; cell types are specified. Negative controls with secondary antibody alone are specified. (A) Positive immortalized human wild-type fibroblasts. (B) Immortalized FANCD2-negative PD20 fibroblasts. (C) Testis (spermatocytes). (D) Testis (- control). (E) Fetal ovary (oocytes). (F) Fetal ovary (- control). (G) Tonsillar germinal centre (germinal centre B-cells). (H) Tonsillar germinal centre (- control). (J.Pathol.201:198–203,2003)
About FANC
Immunofluorescence: IF with anti-FANCD2, polyclonal (ABM-6207) (A-C) triple staining of the adult stomach with DAPI (blue), anti-FANCD2 (red), and anti-Ki-67 (green). (D) Merged image of FANCD2 and Ki-67 staining showing co-expression of FANCD2 and Ki-67 in the proliferating neck cells of the stomach. (E-G) triple staining of a tonsillar germinal centre with DAPI (blue), anti-FANCD2 (red), and anti-Ki- 67 (green). (H) Merged image of FANCD2 and Ki-67 staining showing co-expression of FANCD2 and Ki-67 in proliferating germinal centre B-cells. (J.Pathol.201:198–203,2003)
Application References

Holzel, M., van Diest, P. J., Bier, P., Wallisch, M., Hoatlin, M. E., Joenje, H. and de Winter, J. P. “FANCD2 protein is expressed in proliferating cells of human tissues that are cancerprone in Fanconi anaemia” J. Pathol. 201: 198–203, 2003

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