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Anti-Human FANCG (CT), polyclonal --- COMING SOON ABP-6212 100 ul $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
Western Blot:
dilute 1:500-1:1000 to visualize IP'd FANCG
antibody IPs overexpressed FANCG, fut not endogenous FANCG because of the overbearing signal from the IgG band
Immunofluorescence: recommended
recognizes FANCG at 69 kDa
GST-fusion protein corresponding to amino acids 86-622 of human FANCG
Host/Ig Type:
rabbit IgG
whole antiserum
Quality Control:
by WB of IP'd overexpressed FANCG
2 years
Total cell extract (lanes 1), cytoplasmic extract (lanes 2), and nuclear extract (lanes 3) from 293-EBNA cells were immunoprecipitated with either guinea pig anti-FANCG(480–622) or guinea pig anti-FANCA(1–271) as indicated and immunoblotted with rabbit anti-FANCG (Cat. #ABP-6212; top) or rabbit anti-FANCA (Cat. #ABP-6201; middle and bottom). (Waifisz et al., PNAS 96:10320, 1999)
About FANC
Application References

Waisfisz, Q., de Winter, J. P., Kruyt, F. A., de Groot, J., van der Weel, L., Dijkmans, L., M.Zhi, Y., Arwert, F., Scheper, R. J., Youssoufian, H., Hoatlin, M. E. and Joenje, H. “A physical complex of the Fanconi anemia proteins FANCG/XRCC9 and FANCA” PNAS USA 96:10320-5, 1999.

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