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Anti-Human Phospho-IRS-2 (pSer731), polyclonal ABP-6022 100 ug $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
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Western Blot:
0.5 -2.0 micrograms/ml

3-5 micrograms/sample derived from 1 x 107 cells

0.1-1 micrograms/ml
human; predicted mouse, rat

specific for human IRS-2 phosphorylated at the position of Serine 731 as demonstrated by dot blot assay using synthetically prepared IRS peptides; does not recognize other phosphorylated sites or non-phosphorylated IRS1 or IRS-2; band is abolished by the depletion of the phosphorylated specific synthetic peptide

synthetic peptide (YKASpSPAESS) corresponding to amino acids 727-736 of human IRS-2 at the phosphorylated site of Serine 731
Host/Ig Type:
rabbit polyclonal IgG
peptide affinity purification
Quality Control:
by immunoblot analysis on serum-treated mouse fibroblast extracts
Liquid Carrier:
phosphate buffered saline (pH 7.4) containing 0.02% sodium azide
2 years
About IRS
General References

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3T3 cell lysate IP'd with Anti-Human Phospho-IRS-2 (pSer731), polyclonal (ABP-6022) and subsequently probed with the same antibody