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Description Catalog # Vial Size Price (USD)
Anti-Human PTEN (clone 11G8.1) ABM-2055 100 ug $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
Western Immunblotting:
1-5 micrograms/ml
5 micrograms/sample
human, mouse; others likely
single band specific; detects PTEN at ~60 kDa in total cell lysates
full-length fusion protein; human sequence; epitope in red
Host/Ig Type:
mouse monoclonal IgG
protein A chromatography
Quality Control:
by WB on numerous breast cancer cell lines
Liquid Carrier:
phosphate-bufferd saline
1 year
InfoSheet PDF
About PTEN
11HG8.1 single band specificity on 6 cell lines:

lane 1: MEF-PTEN +/+
lane 2: MEF-PTEN +/+
lane 3: ACHN = PTEN positive
lane 4: LnCaP = PTEN negative
lane 5: HeLa = PTEM positive
lane 6: 786-0 = PTEN negative

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