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Description Catalog # Vial Size Price (USD)
Anti-Human Phospho-Progesterone Receptor (Ser294; clone 608) ABM-4203 200 ug $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
Western Immunblotting:
10 micrograms/ml
10 micrograms per sample
Supershift (EMSA):
under evaluation
human, other species in test
detects phosphorylated PR predominantly at 115 kDa (B-isoform)
phosphopeptide; human sequence: amino acids 287-300 (pSer294)
Host/Ig Type:
mouse monoclonal IgG
protein G chromatography
Quality Control:
by WB on cytosolic and nuclear extracts of T47D cells treated and untreated with a synthetic progestin agonist
Liquid Carrier:
phosphate-bufferd saline:azide
1 year
About Progesterone R
InfoSheet PDF
Immunoprecipitation Analysis
100 ug whole cell extracts of T47D cells treated (+) and un-treated (-) with R5020 (synthetic progestin agonist) were IP'd with anti-pPR (Ser294; clone 608) linked to protein A-Sepharose-mouse IgG conjugate; subsequent WB analysis effected using Anti-PR-NT, clone 1294
Immunoblot Analysis
Cytosolic (C) and Nuclear (N) extracts of T47D cells treated (+) and un-treated (-) with R5020 (synthetic progestin agonist); primary antibody is anti-pPR (Ser294; clone 608; 4 ug/ml)
General References
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