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Description Catalog # Vial Size Price (USD)
Anti-Ski, monoclonal (clone G8) ABM-3001 100 ug $295
Research Applications
Antibody Characteristics
Western Immunblotting:
1-5 micrograms/ml
1-4 micrograms/sample
1-10 micrograms/ml
human, mouse, rat, chick, Xenopus
detects cellular Ski at ~95 kDa and hyperphosphorylated forms ranging to 115 kDa
v-Ski fusion protein
Host/Ig Type:
mouse monoclonal IgG
protein G chromatography
Quality Control:
by WB using rat cells infected with pBABEpuro hSki expressing full-length human Ski proteins
Liquid Carrier:
phosphate-bufferd saline:0.05% sodium azide
2 years
InfoSheet PDF
About Ski

Photomicrograph illustrates fibroblast expression of Ski; stained effected with Cascade Bioscience Ski antibody (catalog number ABM-3001).
Immunoblot Analyses

1. Rat cells infected with pBABEpuro hSki expressing full length human Ski proteins of ~95 kDa and 100 kDa (100 kDa is the hyperphosphorylated form of 95 kDa)

2. Rat cells infected with pBABEpuro vector showing endogenous Ski proteins ranging from ~97 kDa to 115 kDa

Blot probed with G8 IgG1 at 1 microgram/ml.
General References
1. Stavnezer et al., (1989) MCB 9: 4038-4045
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